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Just made for love. 1"1/8 (28.6mm) Samson original Max fork crown.

!type C is a modification of A  in May 2022 !


type C: 3D printed 316L stainless+hand polish finish

type D: 3D printed 316L stainless+hand polish finish

type E: 3D printed 316L stainless+raw finish(type D with brake hole)without samson logo

type F: 3D printed 316L stainless+raw finish(type C with brake hole)


Addition logo is available, only charge once for modifying CADwork,  70euro


type A and B CNC versions suspended production, the cost is too hight


original 1" version design and made by Mr.Harada 30years ago. In 2017 I helped Mr. Harada to make those 1"1/8 (28.6mm) versions for gravel fork needs.

Samson 1"1/8 (28.6mm) Max fork crown

SKU: 0008
PriceFrom €92.70
  • steerer 1"1/8 (28.6mm)

    clearance of crown 45mm

    blade C-C 63mm

    blade front slope 5degree, side slope 3degree

    S45C steel made

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