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customer size of the tube and a quality welding solution!


titanium frame builder all know when we build internal cable there is always 2 option:

A.tradtional techni, make a slot one tube, plug a thin tube and weld up, it take long time craft work and also when the slot without angel you may have issue like the picture4


B. use the pic5, there are all options in one design but as titanium welding, the frame of the guider is too thin plus it reqiure a big slot on frame,  it always huge deformation unless you are have a welding skill like “Bingham Built” those monster welder🤔


so we bring you here the "K-stop" stop you ruin the frame, a 6x6mm slot, put our "K-stop" on and a circle weld, quick and dirty🙂


any wish tube diameter or hose type, send us email, we will add it in shopping option for you

K-Stop Titanium internal guider soultion

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