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The price difference is based on the number of powder recycles, print layer settings and final polishing processes. according the video and pictures here

0.3€/g option: Use multiply recycled 316L powder, ordinary print layer thickness, simple mechanical polishing. This is the most economical option that meets general needs.

 0.4€/g option: Uses 1-3 recycled 316L powder, fine print layer thickness, mechanical polishing and short manual polishing. This option will achieve a finer and more uniform print effect and higher quality surface treatment. 

0.6€/g option: Uses 1-3 recycled 316L powder, ultra-fine print layer thickness, extensive manual polishing. This is our highest-end service that can achieve nearly ideal print accuracy and appearance quality. 


How much is your print parts how much you purchase.Files in STEP or IGS version,send to,we get you quotation in 24 hours.


Customer SLM 316L print service

1 Gram
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