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weight:Around 28g

Attention:on sale no limit



For orders of 10 or more please contact us for shipping costs.


Post cancge on your social media(instagram /Facebook) @ cancage_offical get surprise gift !


Suitable for bottle diameter:68mm~75mm


We are pleased to introduce our brand-new titanium water bottle holder, which will be launched soon.


This holder is currently the lightest and strongest on the market, made of high-quality titanium material with extremely high durability and a lightweight design, Our cage is made using laser welding and hand bending techniques.perfect for all your outdoor needs.

We are about to start a new product pre-sale event for the titanium alloy water bottle holder, an opportunity not to be missed!


During the event, we will offer discounted pre-sale prices and free shipping, with a limit of 20 purchases per account

. There are two styles available, with random colors and limited availability

. Reserve your spot now to be among the first to enjoy this revolutionary product.


(This is a promotional item and is currently only available in bare titanium color. Please stay tuned for updates on future product releases.)


Join our pre-sale event now! We believe that this titanium alloy water bottle holder will enhance your outdoor experience. Thank you for your attention and support, and we look forward to witnessing the launch of this excellent product with you!



For retail and wholesale please contact

CAN®️cage titanium water bottle cage(on sale)

€35.00 Regular Price
€9.00Sale Price
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